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Eveline - 3D-Retinol System Intensely Firming D&N Cream 50ml
-40 %
Features:Smoothes the deepest wrinklesPerfectly moisturizes and deeply nourishesPrevents falbbiness and loss of elasticityOverview:Product Dimensions: 22.0 x 30.0 x 13.0 cmPackage Dimensions: 22.0 x 30.0 x 13.0 cmWeight: 0.05KGStorage Instruction:Store at room temperature,Store away F..
19.70 SAR 32.84 SAR
Ex Tax:17.13 SAR
Eveline - Argan Oil + Macadamia Firming Body Lotion 350 Ml
-40 %
Features:Ideally smoothes out skinLong-lastingly and deeply moisturizesIntensively nourishesImproves firmnessArgan Oil Body Lotion based on natural oils intensively moisturizes and nourish the skin at the same time giving it silky smoothness and exceptional firmness.Overview:Product Dimensions: ..
24.63 SAR 41.05 SAR
Ex Tax:21.42 SAR
Eveline - Gold Lift Expert 40+ Luxurious Firming Cream 50ml
-40 %
Features:Luxurious active substances: gold elixir + precious oilsKombuchka, also known as an elixir of longevity, fills wrinkles, fixes the face shape and prevents cell degradation related to age, stress and harmful external factorsHyaluronic acid, with a low molecular mass, immediately penetrates t..
38.70 SAR 64.51 SAR
Ex Tax:33.66 SAR
Eveline - Intensely Firming Cream-Concentrate 40+ 50ml
-40 %
Features:Smoothes deep wrinkles andVisibly improves skin structureRestoring skin cells vitalityEnsures immediate lifting and restores optimal level of moisture, visibly improving skin look and conditionOverview:Product Dimensions: 22.0 x 30.0 x 13.0 cmPackage Dimensions: 22.0 x 30.0 x 13.0..
34.48 SAR 57.47 SAR
Ex Tax:29.98 SAR
Eveline - Slim Extreme 4D Liposuction Slimming Serum 250ml
-40 %
Features:Liposuction Slimming SerumCosmetic liposuctionCooling formulaEliminates persistent cellulite 92%Reduces thigh circumference by up to 3 cmInhibits growth of fat tissueLifts and firms the skinDescription:Lipo-drill 4d technology revolutionary technology based on lipocell-slim complex, energis..
35.19 SAR 58.64 SAR
Ex Tax:30.60 SAR
Eveline - Slimming + Firming ANTI-CELLULITE Cream 250ml
-40 %
Features:Sculpts the arms, thighs, stomach and buttocksEffectively combats stubborn" cellulite, smoothes out stretch marks and helps to prevent their recurrenceReduces the appearance of the fatty tissueVisible reduction of cellulite by 60%Reduction of thigh circumference by 2.5 cmThe skin is velvety..
34.50 SAR 57.50 SAR
Ex Tax:30.00 SAR
Eveline - Thermo Active Slimming Serum Anti-Cellulite 250ml
-40 %
Features:Stimulates fat burningIntensely stimulates the process of burning of fatty cellsEffectively combats stubborn celluliteSlims the silhouette, sculpts and models the waist, buttocks and thighsVisible reduction of fatty tissue - 81% of research participants Reduced visibility of stubborn cellul..
45.74 SAR 76.24 SAR
Ex Tax:39.77 SAR
Pharmaceris -  Tocoreduct Forte Stretch Mark Reducing Balm 75ml
-40 %
Features:Visibly reduces the volume and depth of stretch marksSpecial formula adapted to the needs of woman's skin during pregnancy and breastfeedingDoes not interfere with ultrasound scans.High Tolerance and EfficacyClinically and Dermatologically testedSignificant improvement can be seen after onl..
66.85 SAR 111.42 SAR
Ex Tax:58.13 SAR
Pharmaceris - Foliacti Stretch Mark Prevention Cream 150ml
-40 %
Features:Prevents the development of stretch marksStrengthens the structure of the weakened and oversensitive skin during pregnancyRecommended for use by women from the 4th month of pregnancy, nursing mothers and people prone to weight fluctuationsThe product is safe for use by pregnant women from t..
62.63 SAR 104.38 SAR
Ex Tax:54.46 SAR
Pharmaceris - Sensi-Relastine Tightening & Firming Cream 50ml
-40 %
Features:Recommended for allergic and sensitive skinHigh Tolerance and EfficacyDermatologically testedDescription:The cream visibly reduces the number, volume and depth of furrows and winkles, delivering a noticeable rejuvenation effect. Hyaluronic acid provides a filling effect and correction of wr..
55.42 SAR 92.37 SAR
Ex Tax:48.20 SAR
Puressentiel - Express Firming Cream 150ml
-40 %
Features:Dye-free,Preservative-free,Free from synthesis fragranceMineral oilsOverview:Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 14 cmPackage Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cmWeight: 0.14KGCaution:This slimming cream is not recommended for children under 7, pregnant women or breastfeeding.Do not use in pe..
116.11 SAR 193.52 SAR
Ex Tax:100.97 SAR
Puressentiel - Intimate Personal Hygiene Organic Gel 250ml
-40 %
Features:99.6% of the total ingredients are from natural originHypoallergenicNo SoapNo ParabenNo artificial fragrancesNo artificial coloringsOverview:Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 15 cmPackage Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cmWeight: 0.24KGCaution:External use only.Description:Thanks to its u..
48.56 SAR 80.93 SAR
Ex Tax:42.22 SAR
Puressentiel - Slimming Shower Bath Essence with 18 Essential Oils 100ml
-40 %
Features:Non-foaming shower bath with 18 essential oils100% pure and natural essential oilsNo soapNo coloringNo preservativesNo synthetic fragranceNo mineral oilDescription:This non-foaming essential shower bath with essential oils tones the skin and helps firm skin tissues. When the skin loses its ..
77.41 SAR 129.01 SAR
Ex Tax:67.31 SAR
Puressentiel Slimness Dry Oil With 18 Essential Oils 100Ml
-40 %
Created 10 years ago, Slimming Dry Oil has become the # 1 in slimming oils in pharmacy and drugstore (1) with a satisfaction record of 99.5% (2) . A true success-story for this product acclaimed by women, thanks to its proven effectiveness (3) This anti-cellulite oil (4) composed of a synergy of 18 ..
81.42 SAR 135.70 SAR
Ex Tax:70.80 SAR
Soskin Ba Thermo-Slimming Gel 150Ml
-40 %
Targeted action, fatty areasBENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Caffeine: improves fat deposit combustion in adipose tissues. - Liposoms of centella asiatica : fats are eliminated faster.- Ivy and red seaweed extracts: to improve skin firmness and define contours. Heating actives: improve ac..
218.04 SAR 363.40 SAR
Ex Tax:189.60 SAR
Alba Botanica - Body In Buff Firming Scrub Espresso & Coffee Bean 256G
Out Of Stock
Description:Clean, tone and tighten To wake up bright, firm skin, scrub this fully-caffeinated formula over body. The biodegradable buffing beads in this hypo-allergenic scrub contain real ground coffee beans. Caution: Rich foamy lather, delectable fragrance and soft, smooth skin may be habit-formin..
23.42 SAR
Ex Tax:20.37 SAR
Avalon - Coq10 Wrinkle Firming Lotion 227ml
Out Of Stock
Features:NSF/ANSI 305 certifiedNo GMOsVeganBiodegradableNo parabensEWG VERIFIEDNo synthetic fragrances or colorsAll fragrances and colors are made from natural ingredientsOverview:Product Dimensions: 18 x 6 x 6 cmPackage Dimensions: 22.0 x 30.0 x 13.0 cmWeight: 0.22KGDescription:A ski..
99.69 SAR
Ex Tax:86.69 SAR
Soskin Ba Stretch-Mark Treatment Cream 250Ml
-40 % Out Of Stock
Pregnancy, weight variationsBENEFITS OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Cucurbita pepo extract: Promotes its own stretching abilities to the skin.- Red seaweed extracts: to improve firmness and tone skin tissues.- Madecassic acid : to procure fast, high-quality epidermal repair.NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Appearance ..
137.22 SAR 228.71 SAR
Ex Tax:119.32 SAR
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